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08:57:48| 17/04/2014
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04:10:46| 16/04/2014
As there are borrowers who consider their credit commitments important and do pay off their obligation, there are other people who don't.  

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07:43:48| 07/04/2014
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17:32:33| 05/04/2014
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10:54:31| 03/04/2014
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08:07:52| 03/04/2014
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14:08:06| 01/04/2014
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22:04:50| 30/03/2014
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11:17:52| 29/03/2014
In addition, these loans can solve the coverage problem. You are never asked to pledge anything for these loans. 

04:54:26| 27/03/2014
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10:50:51| 23/03/2014
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18:20:41| 21/03/2014
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11:03:27| 21/03/2014
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18:14:26| 19/03/2014
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10:17:33| 19/03/2014
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09:26:57| 19/03/2014
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08:32:38| 19/03/2014
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05:59:56| 19/03/2014
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23:16:55| 18/03/2014
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22:02:52| 18/03/2014
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13:43:31| 18/03/2014
The amount approved for cash loans payday are driven by the salary of the borrower. Higher wage means that the loan money is greater. Cash Loans payday are sanctioned as soon as the lender may agree that the borrower has a hard and fast salary knowning that the borrower has been an employee of an organization for several years. The borrower has become at least 18 years of age and have a checking account at a bank. 

08:58:50| 18/03/2014
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08:15:30| 18/03/2014
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05:52:20| 18/03/2014
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01:51:14| 18/03/2014
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01:51:12| 18/03/2014
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04:00:24| 15/03/2014
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14:11:31| 07/03/2014
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05:46:33| 06/03/2014
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12:48:41| 03/03/2014
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01:23:51| 03/03/2014
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17:45:05| 01/03/2014
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05:44:29| 26/02/2014
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19:15:32| 21/02/2014

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